On Location: Venice

This is coming on a slight (or major) delay but here it is!


A couple weeks ago my roommates and I ventured to Venice for the day. We spent the day eating, wondering through side streets and canals and taking a gondola ride. Is there any other way to see Venice?



Following lunch we went on a hunt for something sweet. We settled on fritoles (both crema and nutella) as well as gelato. For those who know anything about my experience in Italy, they know I only eat two flavors of gelato: lemon and mint. The mint in Venice was to die for.



Our train was set to leave Venice at 7pm, thus we were able to catch the sunset over the canal. Before finding this man painting the sunset, my friend and I climbed one of the bridges to get a better view. It was one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen in a city.

Venice was a great day trip, after all that is really all you need there. The people are nice, the atmosphere was fun and lively andย Venice keeps the decorative lights up at night!

love, PT

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