On Location: Chianti

Ciao ciao! I am returning from my Italian hiatus to bring you On Location: Chianti.

Last Friday, January 12, my study abroad program took us to Chianti to go on a wine tour. My roommate and I went to Tenuta di Liliano. It was beautiful!


From the top of Villa Medicea di Lilliano, we had a 180° view of the Tuscan country side. A guide showed us around the grounds including the wine cellar, garden and rooms that date back to when the Medici family used the villa as a country escape from Florence.

According to the guide who works for the winery, this rooftop patio was used to enjoy the sunset, weather, dinner or a cocktail before a meal.



This courtyard connects the servant’s quarters with the main part of the villa where the Medici family would live and stay when in the country. The courtyard was surrounded by a staircase leading to the rooftop patio. Pomegranate trees were all over too!



Villa Medicea di Lilliano treated us to lunch as well alongside a wine tasting. The first course was a meat and cheese plate accompanied by bread with olive oil made onsite. It was incredible and after a long day there was nothing better than sitting down and relaxing with good, homemade food!

This plate was served with a light, red wine. The owner of the winery was able to come and she taught the group how to properly taste the wine. A quick crash course: hold the glass by the stem, spin the wine (its all in the wrist!), a quick smell and sip. Make sure to hold it in your mouth and really taste the flavors.


Now, this was the star of the food show for me. The pasta was a simple sauce with tomato and onion. It was mouthwatering. Stacy (my roommate) and I had four servings each and I wish I had more.

This plate was served with a dinner wine. It was aged longer and had a slightly heavier taste to it. One of the school leaders told us, “If a red wine makes you slightly sleepy, its a good one!” After the pasta and wine, my entire table was sleepy, full and ready for a sweet treat!


The day concluded with homemade almond biscotti and a desert wine created by Liliano. The biscotti was delicious! Stacy and I might have put a couple in our bags for the ride back to Florence.

Thank you to Villa Medicea di Lilliano! It was an absolute treat and a wonderful way to dip my toes into what Italy has to offer me while I am here. I will be back don’t worry!

Italy is everything I could have dreamed of and more. I am living my best life yet!

love, PT

P.S. I would really love the sauce recipe for the pasta! Please Villa Medicea di Lilliano!!

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