Alessandro Michele Does No Wrong


Gucci is a lifestyle. Gucci is a love. Gucci is everything to me (and no that is not being dramatic).

Florence is home to ancient wonders, impeccable food, fashion and Museo Gucci. On January 9, 2018 Gucci released a new exhibit titled “Gucci Garden” filled with an exclusive collection and curated pieces intended to honor and bring attention to the relationship between the House of Gucci and Florence. So of course I had to go.

While walking through a piazza, myself and seven roommates stopped as we spotted an eye-shaped LED light glowing blue on the side of the building screaming, “you have arrived at Gucci: The Coolest Place Ever”. Entering the museum was an experience in itself. Each employee was dressed in Gucci slides, black wide-pant slacks and a custom calf length jacket. I will not lie, this made me question whether or not I should quit college and apply for a job here.

Each floor is filled with curated pieces from the early days of Gucci to recent collections created by Michele himself.



PicfxFile 4

PicfxFile 5

With the help of an artistic director, Michele created murals special to each floor of the exhibit. The first floor included a wall of Gucci themed graffiti similar to that of his previous collections while the second and third floor took on a more whimsical and garden-esque murals. The one below was my favorite.


The art did not stop there. Each staircase was filled with quotes from well known collections, pieces and inspiration for the brand that is often portrayed in street style. This was one of my favorite details as it added a surprise aspect that anyone would find entertaining as well as a nod to Michele’s influence.

All in all, this has been one of my favorite things in Florence yet. Its a mix of pop culture, fashion and history all in one place that feels like a constant moving piece of art. I HIGHLY recommend anyone in Florence go.

I even saw Massimo Bottura waiting for Gucci Osteria de Massimo Bottura to open! He smiled at me!

To sum up Museo Gucci: basically this was the coolest experience ever and I want to go back.

love, PT

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