Live From: Florence (Finally)

Ciao! I am writing to you from my new room in a new apartment in a new city with my window open listening to the quiet bustle outside. It is my European dream.

The first two days have been filled with exploring, eating and more exploring. I am absolutely in love with my neighborhood, San Niccoló. San Niccoló is filled with local restaurants and bars and a view of Piazzale Michelangelo. My roommates and I are on the hunt for a neighborhood joint so please leave recommendations! Our apartment is next door to San Niccoló 39 and the view from my bedroom window is their courtyard all lit up for dinner service. It is beautiful.

Really, everything in Florence is beautiful (just ask the four people I facetimed in front of the Duomo).



While I was saying goodbye to my parents in the Toronto airport, I was worried I had made the wrong decision to move abroad, however in these first two days here I am 100% confident that Florence will prove to be more exiting and adventurous than I ever could have imagined.

love, PT



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